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Jul 30, 2013


This page is obsolete. Please see http://pkgsrc.joyent.com/ where you will find the latest package sets and improved instructions.

Original Article

The latest branch of pkgsrc was released at the beginning of July, and binary packages for SmartOS/illumos and OSX are now available.

On OSX there are almost 9,000 binary packages available, whilst on illumos we finally breached the 10,000 package mark! Congratulations to everyone who has worked on SunOS pkgsrc support over the past 15 years, this is a great milestone.


Please see the individual instruction pages for your platform:

What’s New

As usual there were many hundreds of changes which went into this quarterly release of pkgsrc. Here are some of the more interesting and useful changes.

OpenJDK7 is now default

Thanks to the great work by SmartOS user ‘jesse’, we now have a working OpenJDK7 on illumos, built with GCC. This is now the default JRE/JDK, as we are unable to provide updated sun-{jre,jdk} packages due to Oracle’s more restrictive redistribution policies.

The only user-visible change from this is that the Java binaries are prefixed with openjdk7-, so call e.g. openjdk7-java instead of java, or alternatively put /opt/local/java/openjdk7/bin at the front of your $PATH.

This allows co-existance with the legacy sun-{jre,jdk} packages.

Desktop support

Thanks to many Xorg updates from Richard Palo, Xorg is now functional on illumos, enabling many common desktop environments to now be used.

: Install the meta-package containing Xorg
$ pkgin in modular-xorg

: On OmniOS these are required on top of the basic install.
$ pkg install driver/x11/xsvc developer/macro/cpp

: Also on OmniOS 'od' is located in a different location
$ sed -i -e 's,/usr/bin/od,/usr/gnu/bin/od,' /opt/local/bin/startx

Here are some examples and how to install them:

GNOME 2.32 with Evolution and Firefox 22.



$ pkgin in gnome-session gnome-themes gnome-themes-extras \
           gnome-terminal gnome-backgrounds evolution

$ vi .xinitrc

$ startx

: Currently the pkgsrc firefox22 fails on startup, so for now use the
: pre-built binaries from Mozilla (with some library hacks).
$ curl -s http://releases.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/latest/contrib/solaris_tarball/firefox-22.0.en-US.opensolaris-i386.tar.bz2 \
    | bzcat | tar -xf -
$ ln -s /opt/local/lib/libX11.so firefox/libX11.so.4
$ ln -s /opt/local/lib/libXt.so firefox/libXt.so.4
$ env LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/local/lib ./firefox/firefox

KDE 4.10.3



$ pkgin in kde-runtime4 kde-workspace4 kde-baseapps4 \
           kde-wallpapers4 kde-base-artwork konsole

$ vi .xinitrc

XFCE 4.6 with Gnumeric and Abiword



$ pkgin in xfce4 gnumeric abiword

$ vi .xinitrc

Enlightenment 0.17 with GIMP



$ pkgin in enlightenment-0.17 gimp

$ vi .xinitrc

Awesome 3.4.13

And finally, for you terminal fans ;)


$ pkgin in awesome

$ vi .xinitrc



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