About Me

Thirty-something. Married. Four kids. Living just outside London in the UK.


I’ve been interested in computers from an early age, and am very privileged to get paid to mess around on them for a living.

I work for Joyent where I am involved in pkgsrc, the packaging system used for SmartOS, our advanced open-source operating system designed for multi-tenancy environments (i.e. “Cloud Computing”).

Previously I have worked as a sysadmin/developer/engineer at MySQL AB/Sun Microsystems/Oracle, the BBC, and Netcraft.

My professional profile is available on LinkedIn, however if you are a recruiter, I should warn you that I am almost certainly not interested ;-)


As an engineer I of course love to work on technical stuff outside of the dayjob too, and you can find various open source bits and pieces I have written on GitHub.

You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook doing the “social media” thing.


I enjoy playing the piano, and you can see some really bad examples of me doing so on my YouTube profile.

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