pkgsrc-2012Q3 packages for illumos

Oct 10, 2012


This page is obsolete. Please see where you will find the latest package sets and improved instructions.

Original Article

Continuing from my previous bulk build for pkgsrc-2012Q2 I’m pleased to announce that packages from the pkgsrc-2012Q3 branch are now available.

Quick start:

$ curl -s \
    | gtar -zxf - -C /
$ PATH=/opt/pkg/sbin:/opt/pkg/bin:$PATH
$ pkgin -y up
$ pkgin avail | wc -l
$ pkgin search <package>
$ pkgin -y install <package> <package...>

As usual there have been many hundreds of updates since the previous branch, and hopefully the software you need is included. If not, please get involved! We welcome new contributors.

The bootstrap kit and a number of packages have been tested successfully on OpenIndiana 151a and OmniOS.


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