7,000 binary packages for OSX Lion

Jul 10, 2012
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This page is obsolete. Please see http://pkgsrc.joyent.com/ where you will find the latest package sets and improved instructions.

Original Article

For my day job I build packages for our SmartOS operating system using pkgsrc. pkgsrc is a cross-platform package manager which began life as the FreeBSD ports system and was ported to NetBSD back in 1997. Since then it has been ported to many other different systems, 19 at the current count, one of which is OSX/Darwin.

For the recent pkgsrc-2012Q2 release, I have performed a full bulk build on OSX Lion, and the result is 7,374 binary packages for you to use as an alternative to brew/macports/etc.

To use them, run the following:

$ curl http://pkgsrc.smartos.org/packages/Darwin/2012Q2/bootstrap.tar.gz \
    | (cd /; sudo gnutar -zxpf -)
$ PATH=/usr/pkg/sbin:/usr/pkg/bin:$PATH
$ sudo pkgin -y update
$ pkgin avail | wc -l
$ pkgin search ...
$ sudo pkgin -y install ...

pkgin is a tool similar to apt-get and allows you to easily search for and install/upgrade packages.

Please let me know if you find them useful, and if you have any feedback.


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