pkgsrc-2012Q4 illumos packages now available

Jan 06, 2013


This page is obsolete. Please see where you will find the latest package sets and improved instructions.

Original Article

In keeping with the regular quarterly pkgsrc releases, I’m pleased to announce that packages from the pkgsrc-2012Q4 branch are now available for general illumos platforms.

As usual, the quick start instructions are:

$ curl -s \
    | gtar -zxf - -C /
$ PATH=/opt/pkg/sbin:/opt/pkg/bin:$PATH
$ pkgin -y up
$ pkgin avail | wc -l
$ pkgin search <package>
$ pkgin -y install <package> <package...>

For those interested in helping to increase the number of packages available, the bulk build report for this set is available here. It would be great to get past the 10,000 mark!

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