'apt-get' and 5,000 packages for Solaris10/x86

Apr 29, 2010
tags: pkgin, pkgsrc, solaris

Here’s how:

# Install pkg_* tools and the 'pkgin' package manager
$ pkgadd -d http://www.netbsd.org/~jperkin/TNFpkgsrc-x86.pkg all

# Add tools to PATH
$ PATH=/opt/pkg/sbin:/opt/pkg/bin:$PATH

# Update package repository (akin to 'apt-get update')
$ pkgin up

# Search for a particular package (you can use regexp)
$ pkgin search ^ap.*python 

# Install it
$ pkgin install ap22-py25-python

# Update all packages (akin to 'apt-get dist-upgrade')
$ pkgin full-upgrade

# How many packages are available?
$ pkgin avail | wc -l

Ok, so the headline might be slightly mis-leading, this isn’t really apt-get but a tool which is very similar. This is work which builds upon my previous post using pkgsrc to build binary packages on Solaris.

See http://imil.net/pkgin/ for more information on pkgin.

Hopefully this will prove really useful to people still using Solaris 10 and unable to use the new pkg(5) stuff in OpenSolaris.

Please try it out and provide any feedback to pkgsrc-users@netbsd.org. I’m hoping to keep the packages updated for the 2009Q3 branch.

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